Welcome SE students, assistants, and faculty, to the Beginning III training! On this page you will find information on how you can prepare for the Beginning III training from September 24-27, 2020. If you have any questions about the training logistics, please contact us directly at

Course Material

Each level of the Somatic Experiencing training will have different learning goals, all of which can be found on the website. The training manual for Beginning III will be circulated to all participants in the week prior to the training, to be incorporated into your collection of other Beginning level manuals. As a refresher, here are our main points of focus during the Beginning trainings: 

- Understand the physiological basis of trauma. 

- Learn about containment, resourcing and empowerment. 

- Study tracking skills, titration and establishing continuity through the felt sense. 

- Practice establishing defensive orienting responses, completion and discharge. 

- Explore coupling dynamics, the elements of internal experience (SIBAM), and integrating experiential polarities, in order to restore creative self-regulation. 

- Be able to identify, normalize, and stabilize traumatic reactions. 

- Attain skills to avoid pitfalls of re-traumatization and false memory. 

- Learn to uncouple fear from immobility.

- Re-establish and maintain healthy boundaries. 

- Integrate trauma work into ongoing therapy. 

- Acquire short-term solutions to acute and chronic symptoms.



There are a few terms we use that are specific to how the training is conducted that will be useful for you to understand: 

Level: refers to the stage of your training (e.g. Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced)

Module: refers to the number associated with your level (e.g. Beginning I, Beginning II, or Beginning II)

Course: refers to the entire training

Cohort: refers to the group of participants registered for this training


Training Site

The Beginning III training will be held at St. Paul University at 223 Main Street, Ottawa, ON. The site is accessible by vehicle, walk, and public transit. Parking on-site (on the North side of the St. Paul campus building) can be accessed for $10.00/day, or there is free 3-hour street parking available. 

For the Beginning III training, we will be in the Laframboise Building. For a full map of the University campus, click here. 

Training Weekends

Each module occurs over 4 consecutive days. The Beginning III module will be held from Thursday April 30th until Sunday May 3rd. 

A typical training weekend will follow this schedule:

10:00AM: training day starts

1:00PM-3:00PM: lunch break

6:00PM: training day ends


We will have 2 short breaks in the morning and afternoon where we will be providing snacks. We generally end early on the last day of the training weekend. 


You can feel free to bring your own snacks if you wish. We are able to cater vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free snack options. If you have any allergies, please notify us prior to the training. Please note that we will not be providing lunch, but there is a cafeteria within the St. Paul building, and many restaurants a short walk or drive away from the campus. 



We will provide snacks for the training, however we will not be providing a full lunch. Some of the nearby dining options include: 

The Green Door, Sula Wok, St. Paul University Cafe, Habibi's Pizza, Royal Oak, Subway.


Next Steps

If you want to familiarize yourself more with content relating to the Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution method, you can refer to Dr. Peter A. Levine's books, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma (1997) and In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness (2010), though this is not required in order to participate. If you want to review the video recordings of the Beginning  II trainings to reinforce any of your learnings, please contact us directly at