Dea Parsanishi


Dea is Ottawa's Somatic Experiencing teacher. She will be teaching Beginning through Advanced from 2019-2021.

Lauren Scarsella


Lauren is Ottawa's Somatic Experiencing coordinator. She is the main contact person for any SE related questions.

Dea Parsanishi

Body-Oriented Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor 

Somatic Experiencing Ottawa Teacher

Dea Parsanishi lives and works on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island where she has a private practice as a trauma therapist and counsellor educator. She has worked in the helping field for the past 20 years, and currently a large portion of her work is with early developmental trauma and attachment.

Dea has been blessed to work in a number of isolated First Nations communities and was taught how communities survive multi-generational trauma, the importance of spirituality in healing, and the overlap between SE and some traditional ways of healing. This experience informs and affects her work with both First Nations and non-First Nations people.

Dea works from a body-oriented perspective, incorporating SE, movement, touch and touch awareness in her practice. She also likes to play on a regular basis. To that end, she works and plays with a fabulous team of SE-affiliated people and can often be found at trainings making jokes in the back of the room and eating chocolate. She surfs, wanders around in the woods, builds parts of her house with her husband, and is part of the Canadian Knitting Co-operative.

Lauren Scarsella 

MA, Psychotherapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor 

Somatic Experiencing Ottawa Coordinator

Lauren Scarsella is a private practitioner who works in the Ottawa area. She works with individuals, couples, and families in a variety of different areas to support clients and their emotional health. Lauren has studied and now works extensively in the fields of body-oriented psychotherapy, interpersonal neuroscience, and attachment. 

Lauren will often be found in her Ottawa office with Tilly, her young French Bulldog, who is a regular source of support for her clients.

Learn more about through Lauren by visiting her website.

Allie James


Assistant to Lauren Scarsella, SomataTalk Inc.

Allie James is an assistant to Lauren Scarsella. She supports Lauren in both her private practice

and in her role as Coordinator for Somatic Experiencing Training in Ottawa. Allie and Lauren

co-manage the Somatic Experiencing e-mail account. You'll hear back from one of them after

submitting any applications to the program, or simply if you have an inquiry. 

Allie spends her non-work time curled up on the couch with her two cats, Petey and Franklin.

Carley Rogers

Assistant to SomataTalk Inc.

Carley Rogers is an assistant and lead technical support to Lauren Scarsella for Somatic Experiencing

Training in Ottawa. She specializes in all of the background work necessary to make the trainings

run smoothly.

Carley is training as a somatic coach and spends most of her free time running in the forest.