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Christelle Thibault

Hello! I'm Christelle (they/them) - a queer, non-binary Registered Psychotherapist and SEP. I integrate experiential, somatic/embodied, parts-based and relational approaches to support clients in a collaborative, curious and compassionate way.

My practice is rooted in the belief that we have all creatively adjusted to survive our formative environments, and that we also have the potential to transform adaptive patterns that may no longer serve us. In relationship with clients, I aim to listen deeply, be open and responsive, foster awareness and connection, as well as support agency, choice, flexibility and ultimately wellbeing.

Additionally, I take systemic context into account and recognize that social conditions and marginalization create stress and trauma. I am committed to ongoing engagement with intersectional feminism and harm reduction principles. I am 2SLGBTQ-affirming, sex-positive, kink-aware and welcoming of varied relationship configurations.

I am grateful to Dea Parsanishi and Nouha Ali Ahmed for their teaching and mentorship on my SE journey, and look forward to assisting a new cohort of SE learners, in the spirit of creating a container that is big enough for all of us.

Christelle Thibault
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