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Janis Dahl

Healing transforms and liberates. We are born to heal - in our bodies, and in connection with ourselves, others and the land.

I bring over 20 years of experience with communities and groups, as a facilitator, educator and collaborator. I bring anchored-in-my-body resources from my own healing work, in which SE supported movement of deeply held trauma patterns. I also bring experience as a doula, a parent, daughter and sibling, housemate and partner, to my somatic practice.

For 5 years, SE and embodiment were the foundation for a psychoeducation group I designed and facilitated at a Community Health Centre. I integrated my mindfulness training and practice, as well as understanding of how trauma and resilience are shaped and dispersed by culture.

I work in private practice in Ottawa. With Somatic Experiencing as our lens, together we support space for curiosity, attunement and something different to happen. In 2019 I completed the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Training. In 2023 I completed Touch Skills for Trauma Therapists with Kathy Kain.

Janis Dahl
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