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Kat Nantz

Offering personal sessions towards SEP requirements:
Accepting new clients in private practice: Yes

Hi, I’m Kat Nantz (she/her). I’m a queer, disabled Somatic Sex Coach, Trauma Practitioner, and disability advocate residing in Guelph, Ontario (Haudenosaunee territory ).

Somatic sex coaching is a collaborative relationship which invites your body into the process, creating an opportunity for your conscious mind and body to connect and re-negotiate trauma and old wounding, restoring the natural rhythm and wisdom that exists within so you can access more vitality, safety and pleasure in your life.

My own journey with pain, trauma, pleasure and boundaries led me here, supporting others in gaining more access to their innate goodness, supporting folks in experiencing more freedom, joy and pleasure in their body’s and lives.

It is an incredible privilege to be a trusted guide in this work. I feel deeply honoured to hold folks in their most tender moments, to stand with them as they return home to their bodies and pleasure, to witness them in their bravest and scariest moments of becoming.

Kat Nantz
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