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Sara Coyle

Sara Coyle, M.S.W., RSW is a registered Social Worker who has experience working with children, youth, and adults using an attachment and trauma-focused lens. Sara uses a holistic, strengths-based, and anti-oppressive approach with her clients. She focuses on creating strong therapeutic connections with people in a nonjudgmental, accepting, and empathetic way.

Sara is currently completing her Somatic Experiencing certification and utilizes this trauma-informed approach in her work with children, youth and adults. Sara helps individuals re-connect with their body and the story their body has to tell after trauma. This approach support individuals to process and heal from challenging and difficult experiences.

Sara is also trained in using a Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) model and utilizes this approach in her work with families. This model aims to support children and youth who have faced difficult childhood experiences or who are struggling to develop and maintain healthy relationships with their parents or caregivers. Children and youth often show us that they are struggling through their challenging behaviours. Sara seeks to understand these difficulties with empathy and has a goal of strengthening the parent-child relationship. With that, the relationship becomes the vehicle for change and positive growth.

Sara Coyle
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